Accounting & Finance as a Service

Waymark offers a fully managed finance and accounting solution to give our clients enterprise-level financial visibility and control. We don’t manage our business with a balance sheet and income statement, and we don’t expect you to either!

For Management and Owners

  • Need for timely, accurate information to make effective decisions
  • Manual processes that are difficult to scale
  • Lack of insight into key business drivers and ability to drill-down into information
  • Lack of insight into current cash position and short- and long-term cash needs
  • Complex spreadsheets for finance and accounting are inefficient and error prone
Waymark Solutions
  • Real-time dashboards with industry specific KPIs
  • Multi-dimensional reporting allows you to analyze your business by project, job, customer, contract, etc.
  • Cash management and forecasting give you peace of mind
  • Personalized financial guidance
  • Integrated technologies to support your business

For Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors

Challenges at Target Company
  • Finance and accounting information doesn’t validate the business story and raises questions during diligence
  • Manual processes aren’t scalable
  • Accounting done on a cash basis only
  • Lack of audited financials
Waymark Solutions
  • Understand finance and accounting processes and help validate business results during diligence phase
  • Transform the business
    • Cash to GAAP conversion
    • Clean-up historical financials
    • Cloud-based ERP
  • Ongoing
    • Monthly financials
    • Management dashboards
    • Ongoing accounting and finance support

Who we serve

We work best with business owners in the Heartland who want a long-term partner to provide finance and accounting solutions as a part of their team. We look for organizations that value financial information for decision making and want to leverage technology to drive efficiency and scale.

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