Measure What Matters

In the nonprofit world, it’s all about maximizing impact and pursuing a mission-first philosophy. The mission is the reason you come to work each morning and why donors and funders continue to give.

Waymark helps you deliver accurate, timely information about program outcomes and financial performance. We are an extension of your team, working with you and for you to achieve your mission with efficient processes, systems and information, all in one place. You’ll get valuable data and analysis to make better decisions and show the powerful impact your organization can make with each dollar of funding. Waymark can help your nonprofit address concerns like:

Reporting and visibility

Know and show what funders want to see with financial reporting and analysis customized to your organization and mission.

Cash management and budgeting

Carefully monitor spending on every initiative and program. Waymark works with your team to regularly refresh rolling plans and forecasts, so you’ll understand your current cash position and future cash needs.

Automate processes for efficiency

Accomplish more without adding headcount using automated, paperless workflows for payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Automatically route and track digital approvals, eliminating the need to track down board members to manually sign checks.

Funds and grants

No two funds or grants are alike, which creates complexity in accounting and reporting. We’ll help you balance and close each fund independently, put processes in place to track general versus restricted dollars and support customized reporting by fund or donor.

Audit-ready financials

Funders want to see audited financial statements. We’ll prepare audit-ready financial statements and footnotes and provide all the documentation and support your auditor needs for a clean audit opinion.

Accounting & Finance
Peace of Mind

Operational efficiency and financial visibility are critical for nonprofits to achieve their mission and sustainable growth. Waymark has the financial expertise, technology, and processes to help.

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Modern Accounting & Finance Insights

We’ll help you track important metrics and provide customized reports to give you insights for ongoing management and making it easier to present a compelling story to your donors. Our management dashboards include customized KPIs such as:

  • Mission-linked metrics (i.e. cost per client served or recipients per dollar spent)
  • Program efficiency
  • Fundraising efficiency
  • Administrative expense ratio
  • Average donation
  • Fundraising expense ratio
  • Revenue concentration/diversity

Take Your
Nonprofit to the Next Level

Our mission is to empower operational and strategic decision making to help businesses and nonprofits grow... because when businesses and nonprofits grow our communities grow too!